Tiger Mowers

Tiger Mower was founded in 1968 in South Dakota. “Tiger” has since become synonymous with “highway mowing”.

Tiger Mowers offer the best road-side mowers for contractor mowing and municipal mowing needs. Tiger builds a wide variety of mowers such as boom mowers, rotary mowers, flail mowers, triple gang mowers, and heavy duty side-mounted tractor mowers. SEI offers the Tiger brand of mowers for municipal sales and rentals with state discounts.

Watch the video below to find out how to inspect your mower for the busy season:

Tiger Mower Models Available from Stephenson Equipment:

Boom Mowers – Mid Mounted


Boom Mowers – Rear mounted

Rotary Mowers – Side Mounted

Rotary Mowers – Rear Mounted – TRAILKAT

Rotary Mowers – Twin Mounted

Flail Mowers – Side Mounted

Flail Mowers – Rear Mounted

Flail Mowers – Twin Mounted

Flail Mowers – Triple Gang

Truck Mounted Mowing System