Stephenson Equipment Inc. is proud to offer Grove Rough Terrain, Hydraulic Truck, and All-Terrain cranes.

Grove cranes are an extremely popular choice for lifting jobs requiring the scaling of rough terrain. Tried and proven, the Grove rough terrain (RT) crane is ranked #1 in the industry and have models ranging from 30 tons to 150 tons of lifting capacity. Almost all Grove RT crane models offer full power, megaform booms, and lattice extensions to reach any job requirement.

Available Grove RT cranes from Stephenson Equipment:

Grove hydraulic truck mounted cranes offer ease of transport (roadability) and excellent versatility. Grove hydraulic truck cranes are available in lifting capacities ranging from 40 tons to 110 tons. Performance of a Grove hydraulic truck crane is like none other.

See how easy it is to set up a Grove TMS 9000E by watching this video:

Available Grove TMS cranes from Stephenson Equipment:

The Grove GMK all-terrain crane features the exclusive MEGATRACK suspension, MEGAFORM boom, and TWINLOCK for your lifting requirements. Grove GMK cranes are available in lifting capacities ranging from 55 tons to 550 tons.

Available Grove GMK cranes from Stephenson Equipment:

Available Grove Hydraulic Crawlers from Stephenson Equipment

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Stephenson Equipment also offers Grove YardBoss industrial carry deck cranes.

Available Grove YardBoss cranes from Stephenson Equipment: